Jun 212009

So we're coming home from the grocery store, turn the corner onto French Road and almost hit a horse. Just wandering down the road as if a lone horse out for an evening stroll was perfectly normal.

I have no idea who it belongs to. Tried to call Mike and Zoe -- they used to have a horse, but I haven't seen it in ages. I was going to leave it be, but then I started thinking... what if the rider is laying in a ditch somewhere. Worse yet, what if he's laying in the woods with the fox, coyotes and bears we have around here.

So I called the Henniker Police Department. Do you know how stupid it feels to tell some cop there's a horse roaming around the neighborhood? So much so that I felt it necessary to start the conversation with "please don't laugh, but...". I think she may have thought I was a little crazy.