Feb 062012

To say that I'm proud to be a part of the engineering team that made this happen is an understatement. In retrospect, I think my tenure at Awareness, Inc. has been one of the most challenging, exciting, scariest and rewarding three years of my entire career.

... challenging because social media is a really big deal where customers are constantly asking you to perform some pretty amazing things -- like capture every tweet, retweet and reply for each of the fifty different Twitter accounts they manage along with public information about every Twitter user that retweeted, replied or favorited your tweets with the ability to look at historical statistical information broken down by individual metrics, tweet, day, week or month or aggregated by channel tags, campaign tags and author. Whew! Besides being a mouthful, that's a lot of data and a lot of marketing power.

... exciting because what the woman in the above photo is staring at on her screen is multiple realtime streams of data from social networking channels being delivered to her browser from the Social Marketing Hub. Look at the third photo in the original story and you'll see three more people doing the same thing. At an average of five streams per dashboard, that's four people monitoring what's happening for twenty different hashtags, Twitter accounts or Facebook fan pages.

... scary because last year's Superbowl averaged 4,064 tweets per second making it the 15th most popular topic of 2011. That's 243,840 tweets per minute -- more than 14 million per hour.

... rewarding because I got to enjoy watching the Superbowl without a single emergency phone call or Skype asking me to take a look at an anomaly in our production environment stemming from all that data volume... because without The Hub, those users would have to watch multiple screens or browser windows and tabs in order to keep their eyes on more than one thing at a time... because Raidious saw the value of what we at Awareness have been cultivating for the last two years and trusted us to deliver a quality user experience during one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

Proud? You betcha... who wouldn't be?