Jan 302013

That was the title of a great article I recently read on LinkedIn. After reading it, I rather think it should have been titled 11 Steps to Become a Better Person. You can read the whole post, or sit back and let yourself be transformed by these awesome quotes: “When people talk, listen completely. Most […]

Jan 252013

If a public company demonstrated the same level of mismanagement as Medicare, the stockholders would have the hides of every executive and board member. Medicare improperly paid $120M to ineligibles

Jan 252013

You know you’re from New Hampshire when your husband invites you out for an anniversary dinner and you’ll accept only if you get to wear a heavy sweater and flannel-lined jeans.

Jan 242013

Ok… I have a brand new Arduino Mega2560, a 128×64 graphic display, jumpers, headers, resistors, buzzers, LEDs, a bunch of other really cool components and how-to-books. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to build first.