Jan 042016

Sure, you can use the little Special Characters feature of the Edit menu. Or you can launch Google translate and use the pop-up keyboard. But it’s a lot faster — and I think easier — if you just learn how to access these characters directly from the keyboard. Fortunately, the most commonly used characters — […]

Dec 192015
Broken Toe Cast-On For 2x2 Rib

This is my favorite 2×2 cast on for pretty much any gauge and type of yarn. The beauty of this cast on is that the comb is hanging on a temporary row of stitches that will be removed after the piece is off the machine. This keeps the comb from pulling on your first real […]

Dec 192015
Slanted Ribs

I fell in love with this tank the moment I saw it: After a lot of speculation about how it’s done, I managed to get my hands on the original pattern, painstakingly translated it from French to English and managed to duplicate the slanted rib pattern on a knitting machine. If you’re not scared off […]

Oct 182015

Again… sigh. I’ve recently relocated some web sites and blogs I manage to EC2 so I’ve been watching my logs a little closer than usual. That’s how I detected a ginormous number of hits for wp-login.php from certain IP’s: They’re not getting in because of some alternate security measures I’ve put in place, but it’s […]