Nov 062012
Tax Rates Wouldn't Be Such A Big Deal If People Actually Understood The Tax Code

I’m having an interesting online conversation in response to a YouTube video: The comment that caught my eye (and has since been removed) was “I pay 25% and I think people making $250,000 should do the same”. And the conversation went downhill from there… Me: I’d love to pay the same 25% tax rate you […]

Oct 242012

If Obama should lose this election, many will say it was because the economy was weak and because the president is black. Actually, it will be because he fought it as a failed progressive rather than a successful centrist. [snip] Every voter who chose Obama in 2008 still wants him to succeed. But not all […]

Oct 232012

Mr. Obama said that the administration was mobilizing support for the opposition there but that it wanted to make sure that “we’re not putting arms in the hands” of people who could eventually turn them against the United States or its allies in the region. Fact-Check: Arming Syrian Rebels Good. Glad to see Fast And […]

Oct 192012
Independents Play A Major Role In 2012

To give a bigger sense of why this is such an important number for Romney, consider this: In 2008 Obama won the national popular vote by 7.2 percent overall. If you assume equal turnout in 2012 as 2008 (39 percent Democrats, 32 percent Republicans, and 29 percent independents) but take Obama’s 8 percent win with […]

Oct 192012

We have seen that it’s possible to overcome the politics of division and distraction; that it’s possible to overcome the same old negative attacks that are always about scoring points and never about solving our problems. Barack Obama after winning the North Carolina primary May 2008