Feb 172014

The Goal I have an old White 1602 knitting machine that uses a light scanner to produce patterns in the knit fabric. The bed of the knitting machine syncs up with the controller via two obsolete rotary encoders and the stitch patterns are produced as a sequence of pulses causes specific needles to be selected. […]

Aug 162013
It doesn't matter whether Android is better than IOS

The problem has never been Android. Android is Android and IOS is IOS. They’re just different. The problem is the device manufacturers and software publishers. For two years I went through a cycle where my Motorola Droid wouldn’t pair with my Garmin GPS. Every software update on one side or the other broke connectivity. Garmin […]

Jan 242013

Ok… I have a brand new Arduino Mega2560, a 128×64 graphic display, jumpers, headers, resistors, buzzers, LEDs, a bunch of other really cool components and how-to-books. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to build first.