Aug 162013
It doesn't matter whether Android is better than IOS

The problem has never been Android. Android is Android and IOS is IOS. They’re just different. The problem is the device manufacturers and software publishers. For two years I went through a cycle where my Motorola Droid wouldn’t pair with my Garmin GPS. Every software update on one side or the other broke connectivity. Garmin […]

Nov 112011
What's Next For The Road Warrior's Toolkit?

Today, Apple announced they would be offering unlocked iPhone 4S models in the U.S. Apple’s new offering is currently limited to GSM. But my idea of road warrior nirvana would be stepping off an airplane anywhere in the world, walking up to a vending machine, sticking in my credit card… out pops a local micro-SIM […]

Oct 152011

I’m sure I’m not the only person who expected the 4S sales to be anti-climactic, especially following an announcement that many considered a disappointment. But once again, the lines of people waiting to get their hands on the new device were long and the prediction is that it will be yet another record breaking weekend. […]

Oct 042011
Was The iPhone Announcement A Bust?

Seems like it’s not causing much of anything except a considerable number of comments that include words like anti-climactic and disappointing. Did you happen to catch the blurb on WBZ news? I know there’s no excuse for making a major purchase without doing your research, but I really feel sorry for that woman who bought […]