Oct 232012

Earlier in the debate, Mr. Romney said that bipartisan cooperation with an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature allowed him as Massachusetts governor to balance the state’s budget for four straight years and propel the state’s schools to first in the nation on standardized tests. Many experts, however, say those claims are less than fully credible. Mr. Romney’s […]

Oct 202012
"Binders" of Women

A few years ago, I got a phone call from a headhunter who had been given my name in connection with a position he was trying to fill. After I answered the phone, he introduced himself, confessed that he didn’t realize who I was working for until our receptionist answered the phone and concluded with […]

Oct 192012
Independents Play A Major Role In 2012

To give a bigger sense of why this is such an important number for Romney, consider this: In 2008 Obama won the national popular vote by 7.2 percent overall. If you assume equal turnout in 2012 as 2008 (39 percent Democrats, 32 percent Republicans, and 29 percent independents) but take Obama’s 8 percent win with […]