Dec 022013

Ed Henry: People are still getting the same error messages they got three weeks ago. Jay Carney: Not so. I think you’re confusing error messages with the queueing message, which is quite a different thing entirely. So one is telling you the system is too busy to handle your request and the other one is […]

Nov 052012
The Truth About Obamacare

What truth? I think the title of this article sums it up pretty accurately: The Election Is Tomorrow, and Americans Still Don’t Understand Obamacare. Love has been extremely outspoken in her opposition to Obamacare and her desire to see it repealed, even though she hasn’t proposed any reasonable alternative plans. (When asked about her own […]

Oct 162012
Would you trade a dollar for seventy-five cents?

Nancy Pelosi thinks you would: The Affordable Care Act extends the life of Medicare by nearly a decade by reducing the rate of increase in payments to health care providers, by reducing costly taxpayer subsidies to insurance companies, and by reducing waste, fraud and abuse. Read more: But I keep running across comments from […]