Jan 042016

Sure, you can use the little Special Characters feature of the Edit menu. Or you can launch Google translate and use the pop-up keyboard. But it’s a lot faster — and I think easier — if you just learn how to access these characters directly from the keyboard. Fortunately, the most commonly used characters — […]

Dec 242014

I’ve been using qmail as my MTA for as long as I can remember. The feature I like most is being able to have one-off email addresses I can use across the web that can easily be disabled if I start getting spammed. For folks who aren’t familiar with qmail, that means I can set […]

Feb 172014

The Goal I have an old White 1602 knitting machine that uses a light scanner to produce patterns in the knit fabric. The bed of the knitting machine syncs up with the controller via two obsolete rotary encoders and the stitch patterns are produced as a sequence of pulses causes specific needles to be selected. […]

Dec 022013

Ed Henry: People are still getting the same error messages they got three weeks ago. Jay Carney: Not so. I think you’re confusing error messages with the queueing message, which is quite a different thing entirely. So one is telling you the system is too busy to handle your request and the other one is […]

Sep 012013

Scenario: You go to your Twitter profile page and attempt to connect your Facebook account, and no matter what you do all you see is There was a Twitter server error. The error has been reported to our engineering team. Please try again as it might be a temporary problem. Solution: Log in to Facebook […]